2 ex-supporters denounce Sayyaf, yield firearms in Basilan

Despaired by the terrorists’ deception, two former Abu Sayyaf supporters surrendered with their firearms to military troops in Basilan this month.

Jolmy Ambihal Pingli yielded with his Garand rifle to the 18th Infantry Battalion in Ungkaya Pukan on April 1, while Roma Pawaki Tapsi surrendered with his M203 Grenade Launcher to said troops in Hadji Mohammad Ajul on April 8.

The duo yielded out of fear they will become targets of the focused military operations launched by the Joint Task Force Basilan against Abu Sayyaf militants in Basilan.

The surrender of said Abu Sayyaf supporters was an offshoot of the active collaboration of barangay officials and the ongoing campaign of the Joint Task Force Basilan against terrorism in the province.

In support of the government’s campaign for peace, Barangay Amaloy, led by Morgan Ismael, turned over a Garand rifle to the 18IB troops in Ungkaya Pukan on April 7.

Yesterday (April 14), Barangay Tongbato, led by Muhammad Abdulcadir, also yielded an M203 Grenade Launcher to said troops in Ungkaya Pukan.

The 18IB leadership is grateful for the ongoing support of barangay officials and citizens to the military’s anti-terrorism campaign in Mindanao.

Lieutenant General Arnel Dela Vega, Western Mindanao Command chief, said, “The Abu Sayyaf in Basilan is gradually losing mass support propelled by our incessant operations and our collaboration with the local government and peace partners.”

“This synergy is maintained to facilitate the attainment of long term security and development that every Basileño deserves.”

“Your armed forces are one with you in this journey to quell Mindanao of peace spoilers,” he added.

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