7 Sayyafs yield to troops in Sulu

As troops employ more pressure with their combat operations on the ground, seven more members of the Abu Sayyaf Group laid down their arms in Sulu early this morning (December 18).

Abu Sayyaf members Darwin Ladja Basal, Al-Shareef Sawadi, Alvin Jalang, Barsi Ennol, Al Nakiban Andi, Almujin Sadhari Adbus, and Algamar Jumadil Ganih surrendered to Lieutenant Colonel Jessie Montoya, the commanding officer of the 2nd Special Forces Battalion, at 9am today.

The group also yielded an M16 rifle, an M14 rifle, a 40mm Grenade Launcher rifle, and four M1 Garand rifles.

Brigadier General Rey Pabayo, Jr., the commander of the Joint Task Force Sulu, said the group of Basal surrendered through the combined efforts of the different teams of the Community Support Program and the sustained conduct of intelligence operations of the ground troops in Sulu.

At around 11am, the said Abu Sayyaf members were presented to Colonel Peter Angelo Ramos, the commander of the 501st Brigade, in Bud Datuh, Barangay Tagbak, Indanan.

The surrendered Abu Sayyaf members are followers of Idang Susukan, Alhabsi Misaya, Injimal Mang Jalang, Albader Parad, and Hairuila.

“We are confident that more Abu Sayyaf members will decide to cross the line and return to the folds of the law with our campaign to resolve the internal conflict in Sulu through peaceful means. Nevertheless, the Western Mindanao Command will not rest on its laurels but will, instead, continue with its combat and intelligence operations to defeat hardcore members of the terrorist group in Sulu,” said Lieutenant General Arnel Dela Vega, the commander of the Western Mindanao Command.

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