95 students join military’s immersion program in Cotabato City

Ninety-five students from Carmen National, Senior High School in Carmen, Cotabato completed the four-day immersion program at 602nd Infantry Brigade on February 11.

Brigadier General Alfredo Rosario, Jr., the 602IBde Commander, imparted much wisdom to the participants.

He spoke of patriotism. As young as they are, they should learn to be passionate about the country and the Filipino people.

He spoke of idealism and stressed on the importance of being able to discern between expectation and reality.

He said life is a choice. And in life, people are expected to make decisions that will direct the course of their lives.

He reminded the youth to make a habit of praying for the choices they have to make because ultimately a single person’s great decision will have an impact on the welfare of the country.

He spoke about passion and how it takes away pain and strife that are often associated with work. And he told them to find something that will bring them true joy because passion is fuel—and it has the capacity to propel them towards the fulfillment of their hopes and dreams.

Finally, he spoke as a concerned father and reminded them that there is always a right time for everything. And, while finding love is part of life’s journeys, at this moment, they are, first of all, children to their parents, and their utmost priority should be their education.

The culmination of the event was momentous for many reasons. But for the youth of Carmen National, their participation in the four-day event meant they came home with lessons about discipline, dedication, and hard work.

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