Army officer: “Education is our weapon to fight against ignorance and poverty”

The Bravo Company of 6th Infantry Battalion, 6th Infantry Division, Philippine Army provided security assistance during the 4th Moving Up Ceremony of Mamenting Memorial National High School in Barangay Igabay, Balabagan, Lanao del Sur on Tuesday (April 02, 2019).

The Company Commander, 1st Lieutenant Elvis G. Dela Cruz also served as the Guest of Honor and Speaker in the said event.

“As a son of a farmer, I learned the importance of education at an early age. Education is our weapon to fight against ignorance and poverty. I always remember what my parents once told me: Education is the only inheritance that we can leave to you. It is a wealth that cannot be stolen,” 1LT Dela Cruz said.

“With faith in God, nothing is impossible,” he added.

The Redskin troopers always support the programs and activities of the academe because they believe that the young generation will always be the HOPE of our NATION.

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