Eight Abus surrender in Sulu

Eight (8) Abu Sayyaf Group members surrendered to the troops of the 2nd Special Forces Battalion under the Joint Task Force Sulu in the Municipality of Talipao around 10:30am today.

Alnajir Murpi, Altimar Maddas, Tambrin Elek Lagtasan a.k.a Tam, and Bilhaimer Adoh Imlan a.k.a Mimik, all under the late ASG Sub-leader Alhabsi Misaya and residents of Barangay Marsada, Talipao, Sulu; Almadi Imamil, under ASG Sub-leader Yasser Igasan and Almilda Almindo, under ASG Sub-leader Sihata, all residents of Barangay Marsada, Talipao, Sulu; Junie Kilonh Iting a.k.a Jun, under ASG Sub-leader Yasser Igasan and resident of Barangay Butan, Indanan, Sulu; and Robin Sasapan Hajan a.k.a Pallakan, under ASG Sub-leader Alden Bagade and resident of Barangay Kuppong, Indanan, Sulu, also turned over eight (8) high-powered firearms including one (1) M14 rifle, one (1) M16 A1, five (5) US M1 Garand rifles, and one (1) M1 Carbine rifle.

The successful surrender was facilitated through the efforts of the different Community Support Program (CSP) Teams of the 2SFBn led by Lieutenant Colonel Jessie R. Montoya.

“With the conduct of Community Support Programs, we hope that more bandits will be encouraged to lay down their arms and return to the folds of the law,” said WestMinCom Chief Arnel B. Dela Vega.

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