Four persons of interest for Sulu bombing, surrender

Two personalities caught on the CCTV footage showing the suspects of the Sulu bombing incident, surrender to the authorities to clear their identity at 10am today (January 30).

Alshaber J. Arbi, 18 years old, Grade 11 student of Kalingalan Caluang National High School (man in ponytail in the CCTV footages) and Gerry Isnajil, teacher of Kalingalan Caluang National High School (person in maroon cap with red backpack in the CCTV footages), submitted themselves to the Provincial Director of the Police Provincial Office.

Moreover, two more persons of interests submitted themselves to the Sulu Police Provincial Office around 3pm today.

They were Alsimar Mohammad Albi, 24 residing at Purok 6, Barangay Bus-Bus, Jolo, Sulu and Julius Abdulzam Albi, 17, resident of Zone-3, Brgy Takut-Takut, Jolo, Sulu.

Prior to the explosion, the duo went to a pharmacy to buy medicine for Alsimar’s mother who is confined at IPHO-Sulu. After they bought the medicine, a loud explosion occurred at the Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Cathedral. Julius immediately went outside near the vicinity when secondary explosion occurred. Alsimar called Julius to stay away, when the suspects who were seen behind him, fled the vicinity.

The two said that they are not familiar with the identities of the suspects and their purpose of coming out is to clear their names fearing that authorities will hunt them down.

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