NOF of the Year: NFWM on Performance and Mission Accomplishment

Naval Forces Western Mindanao “The Defender of the Western Mindanao Frontier” was adjudged as the Philippine Navy 2017 Naval Operating Forces of the Year last May 22, 2018.

As the Philippine Navy marks its 120th Founding Anniversary with an enduring theme, “Protecting the Seas, Securing Our Future”, outstanding PN units, Officers, and personnel were recognized for serving the organization with honor and excellence.

The Annual General Inspection (AGI) 2017 rated the Naval Forces Western Mindanao was marked as the highest on all NOF of the Philippine Navy and on its first time, bagged the award as Naval Operating Forces of The Year and obtained the PN FOIC’s streamer and Plaque of Commendation. The award is due to the performance and efficiency of the Command in accomplishing its mission which greatly contributed to the mission accomplishment of the Philippine Navy as a whole. After 21 years of undefeatable labors and undeniable hard work, dedication, and worthy efforts of the people behind this success, NavForWeM and its men and women were humbled and motivated to work beyond its means.

Through the collective efforts of its highly motivated and efficient human resources, NFWM indeed accomplished its multifarious missions. And with no objection, the Command continuously sends personnel to go on schooling as mandated by Higher Headquarters to correlate with its mission in giving emphasis on skills enhancement of personnel.

The Command successfully conducted thirty-four (34) training activities which benefited a total of one thousand four hundred fifty-five (1,455) training participants from organic, OPCON, and tenant units. Apart from the programmed training, it was during “Regatta de Zamboanga” that the command had conducted the Fleet-Marine Interoperability training with the Philippine Air Force through Capabilities Demonstration on Amphibious Raid and Tactical Maneuvers in order to upkeep the skills and competencies, and enhance inter-operability with other branch of service.

With the dynamics of the area of operations of Naval Forces Western Mindanao confronting various threats and challenges, the organization has to be responsive. In the implementation NFWM Support Plan “Malinawon” to WMC Campaign Plan “Kasanyangan”, the command task organized Naval Task Force 61 to improve effectiveness and operational response.

“We tend to not leave behind the past as it reminds us to strive more, aim more and do more. The future is coming, yes it is and we are not stopping. We have witnessed how NAVFORWEM evolved into a strong and credible navy and has molded young minds and brave hearts amidst challenges. It doesn’t end there, but it’s the beginning of its unstoppable service to our maritime nation.”

Rear Admiral Rene V. Medina AFP
Commander, Naval Forces Western Mindanao

For the Annual General Inspection (AGI) CY 2017, with the organizational reform and modification of the organization of the units as well as boosting the morale and welfare of the personnel, Naval Forces Western Mindanao (NFWM) had ably increased its AGI rating from 96.94% in CY 2016 to 98.93% in CY 2017.

The effective implementation of PN Strategic Sail Plan 2020 is the appreciation made by the Commander, Western Mindanao Command during his official visit to HNFWM that 60% of the accomplishment of the entire Western Mindanao Command was provided by Naval Forces Western Mindanao in CY 2017. The PN Strategic Sail Plan 2020 achieved a rating of 3.5 to 3.99 and a Silver Award during the AGI CY 2017.

On the Capability-Build up as measured on the OPREVAL rating, the Command has significantly increased its rating from 92% in CY2016 to 98% in CY2017 due to the administrative organizational reform being implemented by the Command in enhancing efficiency in terms of measurement parameters.

More so, Naval Forces Western Mindanao has a significant increase on the conduct of Maritime Patrol, Sealift Operations, Air Operations and Special Operations. Territorial Defense Operations and Internal Security Operations and less attention were given to other law enforcement mandate which is supposedly undertaken by cognizant law enforcers. The modification of line of effort of the command has decreased the occurrence of incident at sea by 67% and increased the number of rescued victims to 133% by CY2017 in comparison to CY2016. The most significant result of this effort of the command is being able to pin point the location of Isnilon Hapilon which initiated the battle of the Government Forces against the ISIS inspired local and foreign terrorist, Maute Group, Abu Sayaf Group and other armed group who joined these new breed of terrorist group who intent to establish a Wilayat in South East Asia at Marawi City.

Through NTG Tawi – Tawi, the command participated and launched two (2) Trilateral Maritime and Air Patrol and two Port Visits. The Command initially established Maritime Coordinating Center (MCC) in order to enable information and intelligence sharing as part of the Trilateral Cooperative Arrangement. Combined Maritime Patrol Exercise were also conducted last October 2017 as well as SEMAPHOREX and PASSEX. NFWM also spearheaded Combined PN-RAN Maritime Security Engagement (MSE) launched last November 2017.

On special operations and intensified intelligence operations, the Command successfully neutralized high valued targets of the Abu Sayaf Group and other armed threat groups within area of operations. Likewise, through its Naval Task Group and able Fleet – Marine Units, the Command conducted several Focused Military Operations (FMO) within Area of Operations.

Over the years, NFWM is continuously developing and setting the standards as a command without limiting its mission.

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