People’s Day | Provincial-wide Peace Caravan

On March 3, 2018, Joint Task Force Basilan together with the Provincial Government of Basilan and other line government agencies, launched a month long Provincial Wide Peace Caravan dubbed as “People’s Day.”

The People’s Day was a convergence of efforts of JTF BASILAN, Regional Government of the ARMM, Provincial Government of Basilan, Local Government Agencies of the ARMM and BP, NGOs, Religious Organization (ULAMA), Youth Organization (BYLP), and the Barangays, to reach out to the communities by delivering basic social services to the populace.

This concept was realized through the collaborative efforts of the participating stakeholders which aimed at bringing the services of the government directly to the community; preventing and countering violent extremism; establishing good rapport; building strong alliance with the different stakeholders in the delivery of basic social services; and most importantly, serving the Basileños.

The office of the JCMOTU listed 11 municipalities, 1 city, 102 Barangays, and more or less 8,400 individual beneficiaries who availed the various services and programs brought by the JTFB, ARMM, Provincial Government, and the different line agencies of the government.

Free Medical Consultation, Dental Services, Circumcision, Feeding, distribution of Reading Glasses, Relief Goods, Seedlings, Books, and Haircut Services were among the services offered by the group.

Also, part of the caravan was the turn-over and ground breaking of the ‘ARMM BRIDGE’ and ‘ARMM HELPS’ projects to the different Barangays.

In his statement, Colonel Fernando M. Reyeg, committed to win the trust and confidence of the Basileños through the delivery of basic social services in collaboration with the LGUs, LGAs, NGOs, and other key stakeholders in the JAO.

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