Prayer for peaceful and honest elections in 2019

Lord god almighty, ruler of the universe and all mankind, we come to you in prayer and supplication.

Look kindly on your children the Pilipino people under nation, the Philippines as we once again choose our leaders who will make laws and administer their province, town and cities in the election on May 13 2019.

Stir in the hearts of the voters a love for our country and choose the candidates most qualified to serve with dedication, honesty, skills, intelligence, patriotism and selflessness.

Strengthen their love for good and reject the candidates who desire to use their position to gain wealth and power.

Open our eyes as voters that we may see the lies in the empty promises of the candidates with no genuine desire to serve but only wish to use public office to promote themselves and trample on the rights of others.

Help us make this election away for the poor to be seen, to receive the right attention, assistance and respect that restores their dignity as children of god.

Lord we thank you for this precious right of suffrage that our democracy has given us.

We pray that we may use them wisely, responsible and honestly to enable our country to prosper and be peace at peace and its people free, healthy and safe.



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