Press Statement on Creation of Joint Task Force Hyrons by WestMinCom

Joint Task Force Hyrons is activated by Western Mindanao Command to effect the rescue of Allan and Wilma Hyrons.

Composed of WestMinCom’s Joint Task Forces and selected units, Joint Task Force Hyrons is being commanded by MGen Roberto T Ancan AFP who will ensure that synchronized actions are made to track and apprehend the perpetrators and expedite the prompt rescue of the couple.

The victims were forcibly taken by two armed men in Alindahaw, Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur at 6:30pm on October 4, 2019.

The JTF Hyrons will be unrelenting in its pursuit of the perpetrators, neutralizing them and effecting the rescue of the kidnap victims.

Meanwhile, all available naval and air assets in the area are being utilized by Task Force Hyrons to conduct intensive maritime and aerial operations to intercept and block all possible withdrawal routes of the perpetrators.

Aside from the air and naval deployments, troops on the ground are already undertaking search and rescue operations in areas all over Zamboanga Peninsula to narrow down the route and location of the kidnap for ransom group.

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