The Seal

Golden Triangle – The golden colour-lined triangle signifies enlightenment. It is a Greek letter “Delta” symbolizing the mathematical symbol for change or transition. It is the reflection of the Command’s advocacy to change the existing economic and operational environment of Western Mindanao from a violent to a peaceful and economically stable atmosphere.

Cross and Crescent – The symbols represent the Christians and Muslims, two (2) dominant groups in Western Mindanao who have varied beliefs and cultures but are united in purpose to pursue peace and unity in this part of the region.

Laurel Leaves – Represent the Command’s commitment to uphold the noble tradition of outstanding public service. The laurel leaves spread apart symbolizes the balance, just and equitable protection in support to the citizenry regardless of creed, tribal groupings or social status.

Green, Navy, and Blue – Represent the WESTMINCOM’s force mix: The Phil Army, Phil Navy, and the Phil Air Force. They are strategically deployed to protect the people and community. These colours symbolize the guardians of the Phil Army, Phil Navy and the Phil Air Force ideals.

Kapayapaan – Represent peace, the ultimate goal of the Command.

White Background (Triangle) – Represents the pure intent of the command to attain peace, unity, and progress in Western Mindanao.

Stars – For guidance in the attainment of the goals and objectives.

Two Circles in Black Lines – The WMC’s action is always circumscribed of the lawful orders and policies of the AFP. It is also a warning to anyone that the WMC is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice just to ensure the accomplishment of the Command’s mission.