Troops turn over cadavers of personnel engaged by Sayyafs in Basilan

Military troops turned over the remains of a soldier and two members of the CAFGU Active Auxiliary that were engaged by Abu Sayyaf militants in Basilan on April 10.

Troops identified the casualties as Private First Class George Esguerra, CAA Francisco Lospo, and CAA Alpi Sabdilon Talaji.

Soldiers from 68th Infantry Battalion turned over the remains of CAA Talaji to his relatives in Barangay Kaum-Air, Sumisip.

Troops further brought the remains of CAA Lospo to his relatives in Isabela, Basilan, while the cadaver of Pfc Esguerra was transported to Zamboanga City for proper disposition.

Abu Sayyaf militants engaged said personnel while the latter were on their way to buy supplies in Upper Benembengan, Sumisip at 8:45am on Wednesday. Military troops immediately proceeded to the area of incident and recovered the remains.

“Families of our slain comrades in arms will be assisted by the armed forces. We express our condemnation and mourn over the loss of the AFP and of the families of the departed,” said Lieutenant General Arnel Dela Vega, Western Mindanao Command chief.

“We continuously operate against Abu Sayyaf militants and work with the Basileños for peace and development to be sustained in the province,” he added.


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