2 ASG members surrender to Fleet-Marine Troops in Sulu

Two confirmed members of ASG/KFRG voluntarily surrendered to Fleet-Marine troops at Barangay Mahala in Talipao, Sulu yesterday (September 26, 2018).

Julkaidar Iddon and Alanu Iddon served as couriers and boat skippers of the group that operated in Sitangkai, Tawi-Tawi under the leadership of KFRG Sub-leader Abraham Hamid.

Said surrenderors also turned-over two Garand Rifles.

They were brought to Camp Bautista Station Hospital, Barangay BusBus, Jolo, Sulu for medical check-up prior turnover to proper authorities.

The successful mission of the Fleet-Marine in Sulu was through the continuous, relentless, and combined efforts of operating elements of the Philippine Marine Ready Force Sulu under the command of Colonel Arnel S. Tolato PN(M) (MNSA), with the operatives from NISU61, NISG-WM, and RF2.

The Commander, Naval Forces Western Mindanao, Rear Admiral Rene V. Medina AFP, lauded the troops for a job well done and encouraged all the members of the ASG to surrender to the government where they will be given a chance to have a new life.

The continuous cooperation of the LGUs of Sulu in the Fleet-Marine Team describes the successful all-out campaign of the AFP against terrorism in support to the Development Support and Security Plan (DSSP) “Kapayapaan” 2022.

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