Updates on BOL Plebiscite as of 1:30pm of January 22, 2019

As of 1pm of January 22, the estimated percentage of voter turnout in the following areas is shown below:

  1. Province of Maguindanao-66.18%
  2. Province of Sulu- 79.99%
  3. Province of Lanao del Sur- 92.59%
  4. Province of Tawi-Tawi- 91%
  5. Province of Basilan- 76%
  6. Cotabato City- 60%
  7. Isabela City- 58.33%

Shown below is the percentage of plebiscite returns that were canvassed:

(Municipal Level)

  1. Province of Maguindanao-100%
  2. Province of Sulu- 100%
  3. Province of Lanao del Sur- 100%
  4. Province of Tawi-Tawi-100%
  5. Province of Basilan- 100%
  6. Cotabato City- 100%
  7. Isabela City- 100%

(Provincial Level)

  1. Province of Maguindanao-38.43%
  2. Province of Sulu- 62.12%
  3. Province of Lanao del Sur- 100%
  4. Province of Tawi-Tawi-72.76%
  5. Province of Basilan- 80%

Shown below is the partial and unofficial count, as of 1:30pm of January 22, 2019 (Source: BOL Plebiscite Monitoring Center):

  1. Province of Lanao del Sur: Yes- 503,626 No- 9,816

2. Province of Maguindanao: Yes- 433,273 No- 15,990

3. Province of Basilan: Yes- 123,694 No- 5,342

4. Province of Sulu: Yes- 136,007 No- 151,935

5. Province of Tawi-Tawi: Yes- 143,443 No- 9,419

ARMM Total: Yes- 1,340,043   No- 192,502

6. Cotabato City: Yes- 38,186 No- 26,822

7. Isabela City: Yes- 19,114 No- 22,375

Meanwhile, Comelec Director Teofisto Elnas, Jr., the deputy head of the Bangsamoro Plebiscite for BaSulTa area, said: “So far, matiwasay, tahimik, at orderly iyong canvassing natin. Iyong mga city and municipal boards of canvassers were able to convene and they were able to canvass. Actually, may mga areas pa na ongoing ang canvass pero marami na rin ang nakapagsubmit ng official results.”

Elnas, Jr. said 45 out of 118 municipalities, which represent 45.74% of the total number, already submitted their official results as of 9am. Based on statistics, 636,197 voters said yes, while 54,888 said no.

“This is on top of the results extracted by other stakeholders, like this command center of the AFP and the PNP, although they are unofficial results coming from the ground,” he added.

According to Elnas, Jr., the voter turnout reached 60-70%, which is high, considering that it is a plebiscite.

On whether Sulu will be excluded given the result, Elnas, Jr., clarified:  “For the provinces of the ARMM, they are taken as one geographical unit, which does not include Isabela City. So ang titingnan diyan ay ang majority vote of all the votes actually cast doon sa mga probinsya ng ARMM. So kahit ‘no’ ang majority sa Sulu, kasama pa rin sila kapag ang regional result ay yes.”

Elnas, Jr. said, as far as Isabela City is concerned, the double majority rule will apply.

“Kasi sa province of Basilan, dalawa ang tanong. Una, kung payag ba sila na isama ang Isabela City sa BOL, at ikalawa kung iraratify ba nila ang BOL? While sa Isabela, ang tanong lang ay kung payag ba silang maging parte ng BARMM,” he added.

“Kung mananalo ang yes for both questions sa Province of Basilan, pero hindi payag ang Isabela City, ultimately hindi isasama ang Isabela City. Kung majority na vote sa Isabela ay yes, pero ang probinsya ayaw niyang isama ang Isabela City, hindi rin isasama ang Isabela City. Kaya double majority ang kailangan. Dapat payag ang Isabela City, at the same time, payag rin ang Probinsya ng Basilan”

The Comelec Director said they expect to have the results before the weekends.



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