Updates on BOL Plebiscite as of 4pm of January 23, 2019

As of 4pm of January 23, the BOL Plebiscite canvassing was finally concluded in the Provinces of Maguindanao, Sulu, Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Tawi-Tawi and in the Cities of Cotabato and Isabela.

Shown below is the final Comelec count in the following areas, as of 11pm of January 22:

  1. Province of Maguindanao
    Yes- 589,520
    No- 2,463
  2. Province of Sulu
    Yes- 137,541
    No- 163,351
  3. Province of Basilan
    Yes- 146,898
    No- 6,486
  4. Province of Lanao del Sur
    Yes- 503,423
    No- 9,732
  5. Province of Tawi-Tawi
    Yes- 151,788
    No- 10,307
  6. Cotabato City
    Yes- 36,682
    No- 24,994
  7. Isabela City:
    No- 22,441

“The peaceful and orderly conduct of the BOL plebiscite is ascribed to the shared commitment and active involvement of the security sector and other law enforcement agencies, which worked hand in hand with the Commission on Elections to ensure the success of the said plebiscite. We are also elated by the support that we received from the people in the ARMM and in the two cities that were included in the plebiscite. Indeed, this is a collective effort,” said Lieutenant General Arnel Dela Vega, the commander of the Western Mindanao Command.

“By this time, we can now prepare for the new leg set on February 6, and we will assure you that the same efforts from your AFP will be exerted to ensure a peaceful and orderly conduct of the BOL plebiscite next month,” he added.


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