WestMinCom Commander boosts the morale of troops

WestMinCom commander Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana boosted the morale of troops during his visit in Joint Task Forces Basilan and Zamboanga yesterday, October 29.

He also lauded the troops for their relentless efforts that led to numerous accomplishments in their respective area of operation.

Lt. Gen. Sobejana and his command staff were welcomed by Joint Task Force Basilan commander Brig. Gen. Fernando Reyeg and Joint Task Force Zamboanga commander Col. Antonio John Divinagracia, respectively.

The commander was provided with updates on the peace and progress campaign, as well as the accomplishments, and issues and concerns of the individual unit, after which Lt. Gen. Sobejana gave his guidance to the troops.

During the “Talk to Troops”, Lt. Gen. Sobejana emphasized that troops should have the passion to work and serve rather than to be served.

“Being a soldier requires a lot of sacrifices but then all those things can be overcome if we are passionate with what we are doing,” Lt. Gen. Sobejana said.

“Stay motivated, stay happy, and stay passionate,” he added.

He also checked on the readiness and morale of the troops.


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