WestMinCom passes AFPTRIP proficiency stage on-site audit

The Western Mindanao Command passed the two-day audit conducted from June 17 to 18 in Zamboanga City by the Office for Strategic Studies and Strategy Management for units vying for proficiency status on the AFP Transformation Roadmap Institutionalization Pathway Implementation.

The AFPTRIP Proficiency Stage Audit team, headed by Colonel Romel Recinto, said the command met all the requirements set for the evaluation of its functionality and its eligibility to acquire the AFPTRIP proficiency status.

Breakthrough goals, expressed narratively and comprehensively by the command, are already due for revalidation, said the AFPTRIP team during the exit briefing held at the headquarters of the WestMinCom today.

During the audit, the team checked the alignment mechanisms of the command in terms of its resources, expectations, and messages under its strategic communication plan.

The AFPTRIP mandates all offices and units under the AFP to upgrade its level in the Performance Governance System.

The AFP Transformation Roadmap details the strategy and plan of military units and offices in transforming the armed forces into a better organization aligned with its goals and objectives.

Lt. Gen. Arnel Dela Vega, WestMinCom chief, said, “In working for the proficiency status, the command integrates all reform efforts to sustain and optimize the transformation’s impact.”

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