WestMinCom settles 40-year clan war in Marawi

Military and local officials helped end a 40-year clan war in Marawi City on August 14.

The decades-long dispute between the Baraontong, Macud, Rangeris, and Magandia families and the Ditopor and Faisal Lumamba families was fueled by political rivalry and land dispute, according to Lt. Col. Edgar Allan Villanueva, 49th Infantry Battalion Commander.

The parties yielded two M16 rifles, magazines, and ammunition to military troops. They also signed the agreement “Kapasadan” and pledge to the Qur’an to show their sincerity in ending the clan war.

Mayors Nasser Pangandaman of Masiu and Lampa Pandi of Poona Bayabao, who also facilitated the end of dispute, thanked the troops who stood as the mediator of the warring clans.

“We are all Filipinos and brothers in blood. We must unite and not allow our younger generations to inherit the grudges and the rages we had in our past,” said Brig. Gen. Romeo Brawner, Jr., 103rd Infantry Brigade Commander.

Said Rido settlement was held at the 103rd Inf Bde headquarters in Marawi City.

“If we resolve conflicts between warring clans, then we make strides in ending hostilities for our peace and security goals in Mindanao. That is why we are doing all that we can do to pacify family and political feuds and demilitarize organized groups to end armed struggles in the operational area, “said Lt. Gen. Cirilito Sobejana, commander of Western Mindanao Command.

“The military bridges grassroots negotiations and reconciliations in the hope that this will advance our campaign for stability in the regions,” added Lt. Gen. Sobejana.

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