WestMinCom supports USAID’s cause to conserve fisheries, wildlife in ZC

Units under the operational command and control of the Western Mindanao Command pledged to support agencies charged with the enforcement of laws on fisheries and wildlife protection in a meeting with officers of the United States Agency for International Development in Zamboanga City at 9am today.

During the round-table discussion, Glenn Flores of the USAID Protect Wildlife said the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, other agencies, and the USAID are working on the protection of wildlife and fisheries in Zamboanga City, employing the strategic approach and the behavioral change campaign in their cause.

“We have existing environmental laws, including Republic Act No. 9147 and Presidential Decree No. 704, but the problem lies in their enforcements. That is why we are trying to involve everyone, including the Armed Forces of the Philippines, in our platform because this is a job that requires collective participation. We know you (armed forces) have been our partners in our numerous environmental campaigns,” he added.

Flores said that the USAID will work with the Philippine Navy in conducting an independent joint field monitoring in Zamboanga City.

The USAID said that military troops may assist concerned agencies by supporting their campaigns against deforestations through dialogue and information campaigns and other technical and capability assistance.

Military officers and personnel, meanwhile, vowed to integrate environmental campaigns in their programs.

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