Worthwhile Service

Pouring genuine smiles to the children of Barangay Marsada, PanglimaEstino, Sulu as “PvtThirdy” (MBLT-3’s Mascot) showcasing his warmth and friendly persona during All in One Mission at the said area.

This story is written by #MarineWife

Service that goes a long way

“Magsukol bro sa lahat ng tulong ninyo sa amin at sa pagbabantay salugar naming lalo na sa mga tulong niyo sa mga bata.” (Thank you brother for all the help you have given us and also for securing our place and most especially for all the help you have rendered to our children) these are words shared by Hon. Sherhan E. Najar, Vice Mayor of Panglima Estino, Panamao, Sulu during the coordinating meeting held at the Office of the Municipal Mayor, Panglima Estino, Panamao, Sulu last April 29, 2018.

Vice Mayor Najar ensured that he personally talked to 1st Lieutenant Jan P. Malana PN(M), Staff for Civil Military Operations, S7 of Marine Battalion Landing Team-3 (MBLT-3) to discuss the upcoming program of activities that the MBLT-3 had laid out for the people of Panglima Estino. MBLT-3 has been a constant and dependable partner of the local government of Sulu in providing security and basic medical help and education to the less fortunate local populace of the Sulu government, particularly in the 2nd District, thru the conduct of its All-In-One Mission.

The All-In-One Mission in partnership with the local government unit, is a program of the MBLT-3 which aims to deliver free basic and social services to the less privilege members of the community of Sulu Province. Services included in the All-In-One Mission are: medical consultations, dental services, eye check-up, circumcision, minor surgeries, health education, supplemental feeding, ice cream giveaways, storytelling, film showing, giving of free medicines; distribution of school supplies, slippers mosquito nets, hygiene kits; a special appearance of Private Thirdy, Pvt Thirdy”, a live interview with the city’s officials. The All-In-One program aims to elevate the living condition of its beneficiaries. With the target of instilling in the families the importance of health and education, the program is believed to provide healthier, secured and better lives of Filipino people. Their dynamic process does not simply provide but rather develop awareness and responsibilities which can be more beneficial for community in the long run.

Service that does not ask for recompense

As marines, their service always entails support to our government’s programs: humanitarian assistance, civic programs, and extending assistance to those in need. It is a part of their mission as protectors of the country to devote their time in missions to ensure lives are safe and secure. In all of these, they stand by the famous saying for service: “give without expecting anything in return.”

Once a lifetime opportunity of saving innocent life as this unit in partnership with Panamao District Hospital and Luuk District Hospital extending medical assistance to atwenty seven (27) day old baby who happened to be a son of an ASG surrendereewho suffered from severe dehydration due to diarrhea during All in One Mission of this unit at Barangay Kambing, KalingalanCaluang, Sulu.

The Marine Battalion Landing Team-3 is more than grateful for the trust and confidence from the officials in Sulu, especially the 2nd District. The Marine Battalion Landing Team-3 is fortunate for the opportunity to be a part in the All-in-One Mission. Their selfless service is a manifestation of their character.

Yet with the honor, recognition, and pouring support bestowed upon them time and time again, their hearts cannot help but be filled with the affirmation that they indeed are transforming lives with their noble profession. It is a nod of approval from their partners and stakeholders that reflects their one of their mandates, to be an agent of peace and game changers to contribute in uplifting of living conditions and learning environment of all Filipinos.

Persistence and loyalty in serving

Despite the challenges such as: the energy lost during operations; the priceless time that they have devoted which they cannot take back no matter what; the meager resources they managed to stretch in order to accomplish the mission.
However, with all these challenges our soldiers still continue to with their sworn duty because seeing the smiles in other people’s faces, warmth of other people’s hearts, and knowing the hope of their countrymen to have better and peaceful lives are truly incomparable and priceless.

And in the the spirit of persistence and loyalty, MBLT-3 will remain steadfast in providing necessary assistance to their stakeholders and to other people the best way they know how—and that is FAITHFUL SERVICE.

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